Senin, 21 Maret 2011

Yippee..... I win the contest!!!!!!

So surprising...... this is my first bento contest and I won the 1st place... yeeeaahhh..!!!!!!. This is a contest to make bento held by a publisher of books at Hawaii, Mutual Publishing, LLC. The first time I saw about this contest here, and I try to click the link shown. And this is the criteria mentioned ..

Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

Singkong Thailand (Sweet Cassava)

Today is a rainy day, almost this one year rain frequently fell in my town… this cold mood makes me always want to eat. Then I think to make something sweet, warm, glut, and easy to make. And this snack fulfilled all my wants.

I love cassava, I’m a Javanese…. And cassava is a well-known food in java. There are so many Javanese foods derived from cassava. But this snack –as I already googling around- is usually served at the Thai Restaurant as a dessert. That’s why in my country this snack is known as “Singkong Thailand” (Singkong = Cassava, in Indonesian).

The sweetness of sugar mixed with the saltiness of salt, give the savory and a great taste on it. And this delicacy is perfectly created with the softness texture raised from boiled cassava. What you needs is sitting pretty on your sofa, straighten your legs, watching your favorite TV show, or reading your favorite book and it accompanied with a bowl of sweet cassava and a cup of warm tea. Ohhhhhh…it’s completely perfect!!!!!!! And I already warm my rainy afternoon.  

Kamis, 10 Maret 2011

Chicken Drumstick Cereal - a little bit story of mine

It’s so relieving….finally I can drive my finger to blogging again. After so long not blogged caused by my densely activity in caring my two little boys. Be a driver for them, drove to school, swim lesson, math tutoring. Be a chef, shopper, and prepare all the family needs. It’s truly seizing my time. But, I always set apart of the time as “ME TIME”, by doing my hobbies such as baking, or food photography. And all this time, it succeeded in helping me get caught up in boredom of routine.

My boys are loved to eat, they always ask for snack, and I’m a typical mother who loves to prepare their meals and snack by my self. Indeed it is making me very busy, but I understand this as my responsibility and liabilities of them. So…..nothing is hard when you doing it with love. And all of the rushing paid when I knew that they love the food. 

Approximately two weeks ago, My first child must be hospitalized, he was diagnosed with the disease leukocytosis. where the number of leukocytes in the blood rise sharply due to a bacterial infection. Normal leukocyte count is 4.000-10.000 / UI, and results of blood tests...my son leukocyte count reached 25.300 / UI. The doctor said that my child must be hospitalized because oral antibiotics are not working anymore for his leukocyte count, so antibiotics should be given via injection. it's make me so sad, i was thinking what i have done to him??, I already caring my son as well as I can, gave him with good nutrition of food, and even I rushing my time with cooking their meals by my self. But everything has happened it's not a time to blaming my self, it's a time to fixing the fault, making all better than before. Be grateful, his condition improved after two days hospitalized, hope everything gonna be alright after this.

OK...back to the recipe, last weekend, I made this recipe for them. Actually, it just an ordinary fried chicken, but I add a cornflakes to the sheathing. I got this inspiration from a local food magazine I just bought. It explained all the material which you can add to your ordinary plain fried chicken to give a special and healthy touch. The addition are could be cornflake, white and black sesame, oatmeal, and many more. I choose cornflake as the addition, and my sons so love it…the taste was great. Truly love this simply idea…
But so sorry, I don't have the right size for the ingredients of the recipe. Just totally use your feeling measurement....and cooking with love.


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