Senin, 21 Maret 2011

Yippee..... I win the contest!!!!!!

So surprising...... this is my first bento contest and I won the 1st place... yeeeaahhh..!!!!!!. This is a contest to make bento held by a publisher of books at Hawaii, Mutual Publishing, LLC. The first time I saw about this contest here, and I try to click the link shown. And this is the criteria mentioned ..

Bento Contest!
Mutual Publishing is hosting a fun contest the next few weeks!  They want you to show off your very own Bento Box creations.  Design and create your own unique bento box, take a picture of it and share it with Mutual Publishing.  Winner will receive recognition, their bento box proudly displayed on Mutual’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and two free bento cookbooks.  Here’s the breakdown:
What: Bento Box design contest
When: January 22nd – February 28
How: Post a photo of your bento on Mutual Publishing’s Facebook page or e-mail the photo to info@mutualpublishing.com.
Criteria and Categories: One winner only, best overall design
Prize: One winner will receive both Hawaii’s Bento Box Cookbook and Hawaii’s Bento Box Cookbook 2nd Course [read our review], both by Susan K. Yuen.

When knowing the prize, I am very excited about this contest. and I encourage my self to follow the contest. I submit some of my bentos creation. And the bento which brought me as a winner is a SMILING ZEBRA bento. I made this bento just after my son finished hospitalized. 

And approximately 7 days ago, I read the announcement of the winner in the Facebook. And after I open my email, there are a notification sending in my email told me about my winning.

Dear Yulyan,

A very big congratulations!! You are the 1st Place winner of Mutual Publishing’s Bento Box Contest!!

You have won a set of Susan Yuen’s Bento Box Cookbooks, a gift certificate valued at $25.00 towards any of Mutual Publishing’s books (does not include shipping), and a cute bento box container to make more of your prize winning bentos in!
And now, I can't wait the books come and I can find out the various bentos by Susan Yuen there. Soon, I can enjoy her creation not only through her blog or her Flickr, but here....right on my hand...^^
Thank You...... 

Stay Cooking With Love...


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  1. Congratulation for the winning, Yulyan! You deserve it, i love your bentos.

  2. Thank you mama elaine,i'm so glad to hear that you love my bentos...^^

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