Rabu, 13 April 2011

My Two Days Bento

This is a yesterday’s bento, I have not had a time to post them, till this day. My days are filled with busy taking care of home and children. Make a breakfast, lunch, drove to school, lesson, and swim. And all of it really seized my time and energy. But I always try to set aside the time for myself. So that I do not get caught up in my daily routine boredom. And now I'm put it aside to write this post.
Actually this is the first bento used my new rice mold. I bought it at the online shop, there are four different shape in the packaging a ship, airplane, car, and train. And yesterday my son ask me to made him a ship and airplane bento with the new rice mold. So this is his lunchbox. Inside the box there are rice, carrots, broccoli, snaps, chopped beef steak, potatoes ball, and sausage.

And this is my son today's bento. The brownie bears made from rice wrapped with shredded beef and the white part made from rice. Inside the box there are broccoli, carrot, Shrimp spinach tofu ball, beef corned cheese omelet and friend corn noodles. 

Stay cooking with love....


Senin, 11 April 2011

Cutie Mushrooms Bento

As usual.... Monday means no idea. Looks like I have a Monday's blank idea diseases, because every Monday, I always blank to make a bento theme for my big boy. So...this is it....only this mushroom in my head. Maybe I'm too excessive to call it a cute mushrooms *LOL. But...never mind, let me praise my own bento creation...hehhee.
Inside the box, there are Rice, edamame, carrot, broccoli, fried fish, and "Kering Tempe" (it's made from the mixture of fried tempe, anchovies, and nut). And the mushrooms made from cheese sliced and egg sheet.
Stay cooking with love....


I Made My Own Strawberry Jam.....!!!!!!!

Last weekend, we went to Bandung, the place with a lot of destination for food lovers. And my sister in law brought me two boxes of fresh strawberry when we went home. I kept it at my fridge and just have a time to processed it in the next weekend, but the strawberry looks didn't fresh anymore.. :(. So, just in time...I have an idea to made it as jam.

My Airplane Bento

Actually, I made this bento last Thursday. But just have a time to post it now. This bento was made for my little boy. I have the left egg sheet to make his brother's bento and I offered him to make a bento. And he agreed, so gladly I made him this bento. Inside the box there are a blueberry sandwich and airplane from egg sheet.
Stay cooking with love...


Kamis, 07 April 2011

Underwater Sandwich Bento

As my promise to my son, today I bring him a sandwich bento as his lunchbox. It's already three days since he has a toothache and have a pain while he chewing his food. But, fortunate...today he spent his lunchbox...I'm so happy. Hopefully he will get well soon.
Inside the box there are blueberry sandwich, egg sheet for the fish, and sliced cheese for the bubble.

Stay Cooking With Love...


Rabu, 06 April 2011

Bears Sausage Bento

I am very sad today, it's already three days .... My child does not spend his lunchbox. He has a toothache, the very back of his molar teeth are growing. He was in pain when eating and always holding his cheek. He only able to spend two to three tablespoon of his food. Today I bring him all his favorite food. But finally this lunchbox was come to may stomach. He only ate it so little. Pity my dear boy.... :(
Inside the box there are rice, sausage, carrot, broccoli, meatballs, and quail eggs. And inside the blue box there are stir fry vegetables, and tamagoyaki. My boy asked me to bring him bread as his lunchbox tomorrow. I will fulfill his wish and hoping he will empty the box. Get well soon my dear...bunda love you

Stay cooking with love..


Fried Wonton With Apples Filling

Tea time.....I really like snacking, especially at the afternoon. Yesterday, I made this easy snack. I have a wonton skins that have been a few days in the fridge. I usually cooked it with minced chicken as the filling. But I only have Apel Malang which available in my fruits basket. Apel Malang is a local Apple species that have a flavor similar to granny smith apple. If you can't find Apel Malang, you can substitute it with granny smith apple. And surprising...the taste is not bad. I like it, especially the added of ground cinnamon, it give a different smell and sensation in my mouth. Savory from wonton, light sweet from palm sugar, sour from apples and raisins...and the best I love the fragrant comes from ground cinnamon...yummy.... 

Selasa, 05 April 2011

Blueberry And Yogurt Oatmeal Muffin

The best way to enjoy oatmeal is combining with other ingredients and created a delicious food. It's according to me, because I love oatmeal but not the plain flavor of it. It must have to combine with other ingredients then I will allow this healthy food throwing to my mouth..^^ . I really love this recipe, so....yummy. I made it for my kids as their meal box for their swimming lesson. This muffin is really suit to accompany your afternoon with a cup of tea or coffee.

Mouse Sausage Bento

Todays bento...still with the simply one. I made the mouse from thinly sliced sausage, it's quietly easy. You need three thinly sliced of sausage, two for the ears and one for the mouse head. The eye and nose of the mouse made from black sesame, and the mustache made from nori. Inside the box there are rice, fried tempe, fried chicken, sausage, chayote saute, and strawberries.

Stay Cooking With Love....^^


Senin, 04 April 2011

Bento For Yumiko Kinaryoshi

Congratulation Ika , your baby is so cute....hopefully I will have a baby girl soon too. Ika is my friend who lived at Kumamoto, Japan. She has to accompanied, her husband to finish his collage there. And she just has a second child...and it's a girl. Her name is YUMIKO KINARYOSHI.....ohhh so Japan. And this is my special present on her baby birth. Although she just enjoying the picture of this bento not the food inside the box, She really happy to get this bento as my present.... Congrats for you Ika....
I got the inspiration to create this bento at http://bonitofood.blogspot.com , I really love this blog and I also adore  most of her bentos. Truly Inspired. Stay Cooking With Love...Friends...^^

Today's Double Bento

Starting from now on, I will try to posting my bentos in this blog. Almost everyday I make a bento for my son's meal box. He always asked me to make him a bento. But today...my youngest son also asked me to make him a bento. He seems jealous with his brother, and sometimes he also want to have a bento as his lunch...hehhee, It's okay dear...Bunda will give you a special one...just the same with your brother..^^
And this is my youngest son's bento. Let's learn to count with bunda dear...one...two....great..!!!!!!

That two bentos has the same Ingredients in the box. It's consists of rice, nori, broccoli, carrots, glass noodles stir-fry with green beans and corn, shrimp, tofu, salted eggs and cucumbers.
Hope you enjoy the bento kids....Bunda loves you....

Stay Cooking With Love


Simple Chocolate Cupcakes and 12 Hen's Bento

Couple days ago, some of my child's friends gathered at my house. I invited them to have a lunch at my house. The kids can play with their friends, and the mothers can chatted with others. At the first, I planed to prepare all the food by my self, but mothers of my son's friends asked me to make a bento for the kids. I didn't need bothering my self to prepare food for the mothers, I only need to prepare the bento for the kids. And they will prepare the food for the mothers. Oh...my, twelve bentos.... could I do it?. I never made a lot of bento before, I always made one or sometime two bentos for my kids, not twelve bentos. So, i planed to make the simplest design but it still looks cute. 

One day before, I made cupcakes for the side dish of the party. I didn't need a long time to make these cupcakes. It's quietly very simple and easy to make.


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