Senin, 25 Oktober 2010

Jenang Grendul

I was in the discussion with my friends about Indonesian desserts where I finally decided to make “Jenang Grendul”.  I never heard this kind of food before, I thought….. I ever ate this food at my hometown, Surabaya…but maybe I didn’t know exactly the name.  Then I encourage my self to make this dessert, and fortunately…. I find this recipe in my cooking book, foolish me!!!!!!!….this recipe is in my cooking book, but I didn’t know at all. So….. I didn't need more time to postpone cooking it.
"Jenang Grendul" is made from glutinous flour combined with rice flour, serve with sweet rice flour sauce and topped with savory coconut milk. Glance…it similar with “Biji Salak” but biji salak made from sweet potato and sago flour, both of these foods had a chewy texture.

Jenang Grendul
Source : Sedap Khusus Pemula 8/II/02

Ingredients :

For "Candil" (glutinous ball)
125 gr glutinous flour
125 gr rice flour
225 ml warm water

For Sweet Rice Flour Sauce
300 gr palm sugar
1250 ml water
2 pieces of pandan leaf100 gr rice flour1 teaspoon salt

For Coconut Milk Sauce
500 ml coconut milk from 1 coconut (me: I use instant coconut milk)
1 / 2 teaspoon salt
2 pieces of pandan leaf

How to : 
  1. Make sweet rice flour sauce, boiled water, brown sugar, until sugar dissolves. Lift then strain
  2. Enter the pandan leaves, salt, rice flour, stirring until bubbling. Lift.
  3. Candil, mix the two ingredients of flour and pour in warm water while stirring by hand. Shape dough round, and boiled in boiling water until floating.
  4. Enter candil into sauce and make it boiled.
  5. Ingredients coconut milk, boils while stirring until boiling, lift, and chill before serving.

Use warm water when mixing the dough so the dough can be mixed well.

Stay...cooking with love...


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